We shake off the rust and return for Wuxia Weekend, with a Jimmy Wang Yu film: Magnificent Chivalry 

We talk about Stuart Gordon's take on H.P. Lovecraft in our discussion of his 1986 follow-up to Re-Animator, From Beyond

April 12, 2022


Just a quick talk about my experience at Dogtown 

This is a late night-early morning review of the film The Witch, a 2015 horror movie by Robert Eggers. In the late night reviews, I tend to ramble and lose my train of thought. I make them when I am less clear-headed so I can let my thoughts wander a bit. 

March 27, 2022


We talk about the film The Unnamable, a 1988 adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name. 

Music for this episode was the 2nd track in album 8.553702 ALKAN: Piano Concerto, Op. 39 / Concerto da Camera, Nos. 1-3 – Concerto da camera No. 2 in C-sharp minor

Adam and I finish our Dirty Harry series with a talk about The Dead Pool. 

I watched The Many Saints of Newark last night and talk about it through the groggy haze of morning. This is just my initial impression, I think I will do another discussion when I have seen it again. 

We talk about the 4th Dirty Harry movie, Sudden Impact (1983) 

We discuss the 1976 Dirty Harry film: The Enforcer. 

January 14, 2022


We talk about the second Dirty Harry movie: Magnum Force

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