I talk about the story "Candidate for the Post of City God" from Strange Tales from the Liaozhai Studio. This is part of a series of podcasts where I will build a setting for our game Strange Tales of Songling. This first podcast is more about the foundational premise of the setting. Each episode will cover one, maybe two, stories and use that as inspiration. 

We talk about Demonic Toys, something between Child's Play and Rosemary's Baby. 

Music from Part of Twelve Pieces for piano, op. 40 No. 9, Valse in F-sharp minor under the Creative Commons License: 

Tschikovsky Op. 40 Copyright: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Source: http://aux.incompetech.com/royalty-free/op.40_waltz.m4a from http://www.incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/piano.html License: CC-BY 2.0 {{CC-BY-2.0}}


We talk about The Exorcist III, a blend of crime thriller and the supernatural. 

We mention this re-review from Red Letter Media during the episode. 

We talk about an absolute classic: Rosemary's Baby. In this episode we furiously debate whether the events are real or just going on in Rosemary's mind. 

We talk about chapters nine and ten of the Ravenloft Realm of Terror Boxed set: Spells in Ravenloft and Magic Items in Ravenloft. 

We kick off a month of demons and the devil with Night of the Demons. 

The mists of sleep descend on Brendan and threaten to spirit him to the Nightmare Lands as we talk about chapters dealing with fear and horror checks, curses, Vistani and more. 

We talk about the 80s classic Return of the Living Dead. 

We venture into Spaghetti Westerns, and talk about the classic Sergio Leone film Once Upon a Time in the West. Find out how this relates to wuxia. 

Joel and I terrorize you with our opinions about the Ravenloft Realm of Terror Boxed set. In this episode we cover chapters 1-3. Joel has never read or played Ravenloft before and I am a long-time Ravenloft GM, so we thought we'd have an interesting discussion about it from two very different perspectives. 

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