July 30, 2022


In this episode of Wuxia Weekend we discuss the 1972 Chang Cheh film Four Riders starring Ti Lung, Chen Kuan-Tai, David Chiang and Wang Chung. Written by Chang Cheh and Ni Kuang (who passed away this July) 

We discuss William Friedkin classic, The Exorcist, based on William Peter Blatty's incredible novel. Part three of our "Trilogy of Faith" discussion. We tackled them in reverse order. The first was Exorcist III. The second in discussion was for The Ninth Configuration

We discuss the second movie in William Peter Blatty's Trilogy of Faith: The Ninth Configuration

We shake off the rust and return for Wuxia Weekend, with a Jimmy Wang Yu film: Magnificent Chivalry 

We talk about Stuart Gordon's take on H.P. Lovecraft in our discussion of his 1986 follow-up to Re-Animator, From Beyond

April 12, 2022


Just a quick talk about my experience at Dogtown 

This is a late night-early morning review of the film The Witch, a 2015 horror movie by Robert Eggers. In the late night reviews, I tend to ramble and lose my train of thought. I make them when I am less clear-headed so I can let my thoughts wander a bit. 

March 27, 2022


We talk about the film The Unnamable, a 1988 adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name. 

Music for this episode was the 2nd track in album 8.553702 ALKAN: Piano Concerto, Op. 39 / Concerto da Camera, Nos. 1-3 – Concerto da camera No. 2 in C-sharp minor

Adam and I finish our Dirty Harry series with a talk about The Dead Pool. 

I watched The Many Saints of Newark last night and talk about it through the groggy haze of morning. This is just my initial impression, I think I will do another discussion when I have seen it again. 

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