We sell our souls for rock and roll, classical, baroque, soul, country and pop, to venture away from metal and discuss our favorite songs from other genres of music. There is no money in metal anymore so we're selling out big time to make the big bucks. Listen to the episode and check out our playlists below: 

Jim's Top Ten Non-Metal Songs (+1 honorable mention)

Brendan's Top Ten Non-Metal Songs (+1 honorable mention)


We explore the structure of heavy metal albums, veer into punk rock territory, then stop for a bite to eat at Wahlburgers. 

December 6, 2020


We talk about songs that killed the bands who wrote them (or at least seriously undermined their reputations as metal gods). We also discuss the death of Eddie Van Halen, and handle a few other topics. 

We talk about terrible album covers. 

We revisit the topic of defining metal. 

Our first post-lockdown episode of Metal Workshop. 


We talk about KK Downing's project "KK's Priest", Nu Metal, youtube as guitar guru and more. 

Jim and I enter Thunder Dome and pit Fade to Black against In My Darkest Hour. It's Megadeth V. Metallica! 

We discuss Jim's perfect metal mix tape.

Jim and I discuss my perfect metal mix tape. 

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